This is Memo’s Bio, he'd like you to know that he apologizes that bios are so boring.

The regular bits: Memo studied Visual and Performing Arts in his hometown of Miami. He has been involved with many folx including Nettles Artists Collective, La MaMa ETC, and HaitiDansCo. He brings to his work a tool set influenced by his experience in African dance, Suzuki, Sculpture, Photography, Viewpoints, technology, writing, Film Art Direction, and more that allow for a wide spectrum of exploration. Memo always looks for opportunities to collaborate on experimental and mixed discipline projects. His latest works concentrate in film.

More bits: He relocated to New York City in 2002 where he moved through gigs like sculpting for the iconic Holiday Windows, doing voice-over work for the National Guard, filing folders labeled "Mesothelioma" for a giant law firm, wearing a diaper on Law and Order SVU, counting people, and restoring antiques, until finally finding how great it is to be an Airbnb host. (Best survival gig ever!)

Some special bits: Memo has also worked as an educator with various communities from underprivileged immigrant children in the wilds of South Florida to NYC students on the Autism Spectrum.

Also, if you have any clothes or supplies you can donate for the mostly POC, Queer youth that take shelter in Sylvia's Place every night, please reach out. Memo will be glad to swing by and pick it up.