Yanilsa Rafferty is a global successful veteran of the Fashion Industry who has transitioned into TV & Film costume design and wardrobe styling. Yanilsa passion for fashion started in her hometown of Cotuí Dominican Republic when she tagged along with her grandfather to sell yardage of fabrics to neighbors. Soon after her migration to Puerto Rico she became her uncles Oscar and Pedro Viloria shadow while they worked at their tailoring business. At the age of eight, after migrating to New York City in the mid 80’s, Yanilsa watched a TV interview with designer Oscar De La Renta that was so inspirational for a recently arrived immigrant that it changed her life for ever.....and so she wrote her 15 year life plan list. Yanilsa attended the High Scool of Fashion Industries where voguing in the hallways, making something out of nothing and speaking your mind was nurtured and elevated by the many talented teachers there. Yanilsa graduated High School with a number of accolades and scholarships that permitted her to attend FIT in NEw York and Polimoda in Florence Italy and become the 2nd person in her family after her aunt Lidia Viloria to attend college. 

Yanilsa fashion career started as a translator to a luxury factory owner where she obtained various skills sets such as design, surface finishings, sales, negotiating, managing and running the day to day business. A few years later after moving back to New York she continue her journey in which career span has contributed to the success of global brands such as Armani, Burberry, Anna Demeulemeester, Michael Kors, Eileen Fisher, Pink Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren Collection, Rugby Denim, Polo Women’s Denim, and PVH Corporation to name a few. 

Coffee and a Donut is Yanilsa’s film wardrobe debut and passion project as she relates to the challenges of an immigrant in situations sometimes as trivial as ordering breakfast. 

Yanilsa other film work can be seen in the 1920’s theme film Harlem Love by Director Richard Joseph,  Bad Writing By Director Ela Thier, currently in production film Dreamer by Thanika Jenjesda and TV series working Title All Hail Bethby Director Misha Calvert.